There are certain important facilities essential for living comfortably on campus. At JCIMTIS, we have identified and provided the following amenities for students, faculty members and administrative staff :


We have well-furnished class-room with 29"TFT display for animated presentation. Only 20 students are allowed at a time to form a batch for easy understanding and special care. 


Each student is given one computer to practice in the lab. Not only that, we will also provide 24 hrs internet connectivity of high configuration with TFT display. 

Special Class for Academically poor students 
We provide special English classes with Audio visual materials for academically poor students. We also provide personality development classes for all. 


For Automobile engineering

  In practical work-shop we show our students the latest foreign engines which are given by UCIL, HCL and IRL for maintenance. The students are required to work on them so that they will have better understanding of operation of these engines which will provide them a better help in their near future. After 4th Semester we send our students for industrial training to reputed organizations like Maruti, Tata Motors, Hero Honda, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cammens, etc.


For Civil & Architectural Engineering

  We have well equipped civil engineering lab with latest equipments including engineering drawing lab with drawing boards and stands for individual students. Electronic Theodolite. Auto label etc. We also arrange educational tour for our students on live projects site for better practical experience.


Institute has sufficient number of academic books of different authors. Books will be issued to students on production of library card for seven days. Incase the books are not return on expiry of seven days, Re 1 per day of delay will be charge. At a time maximum 2 books will be issued.

Dress Code

Our dress-code contains – sky-blue shirt with black trousers and black tie. In winter nothing other than black blazer is worn.


Those students who will score more than 60% Those students who will score more than 60% in the semester examinations will be awarded 10% scholarship on the